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Dr. Fraser Saunders
Dr. Fraser Saunders
Assistant Professor
Contact Info

Current Appointment:
Attending Staff, Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Areas of Clinical Interest:
Neurosurgery, CVD-Cerebral Vascular Disease

Areas of Research Interest:

Contact Information:
Victory 3
Kingston General Hospital
76 Stuart Street
Kingston, ON
K7L 2V7
Tel: (613) 549-6666 Ext 3696
Fax: (613) 548-1346

1973-74      Queen's University (straight surgery)
1974-78      Dalhousie University

Medical School Graduation:
1973           Queen's University

Professional Memberships:
Canadian Congress of Neurologic Sciences
American Congress of Neurologic Surgeons
Cerebrovascular Surgery Section of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons
Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation
Registered Society of Vascular Technicians
Registered Member of Independent Health Facility Directors

Committees and Administrative Positions:
Chairman, Morbidity and Mortality Committee 1983-86
Chairman, Department Audit Committee 1984-88
KGH Magnetic Resonance Search Committee 1984
KGH In and Out Surgery Committee 1985-88
Chairman, Trauma Service and Rounds 1986-87
Trauma Team 1986-90
Co-director Cerebrovascular Disease Service and Clinic 1986 - present
Chairman, Operating Room Sub-Committee 1991
Surgical Bed Allocation Committee 1992
Operating Room Committee 1992-95
Surgical Quality Improvement Committee 1992 - present
ICU Review Committee 1994-96
Critical Care Review Committee 1995-98
Transplantation Committee 1995-98
Clinical Management Committee, Dept of Surgery 1995-97
Department of Surgery Finance Committee 1997-2002
Head: Division of Neurosurgery 1991-2002
Head: Cerebrovascular and Peripheral Vascular Laboratory 1987-present
Director: Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit 1989-2002
Director: Stroke Prevention Clinic 2004 - present
University Trust Funds Committee 1984-87 and Chairman in 1988
Team Physician - Queen's University Hockey 1981-86
Stroke Sub-committee of Heart and Stroke 1984-85
Independent Health Facilities Management Association, Independent Health Facilities      Assessor 2003-present
Stroke Prevention Clinic Workshop April 2004
IHF Assessment: Brampton Vascular Clinic May 2004

Publications in Reviewed Journals:

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17. Lovenox for DVT prevention: A Clinical and Ultrasound Evaluation. Local representative for multicentred cooperative study. Funded Rhone Poulenc Rorer Canada Ltd., Completed and to be published 1994.

18. The Role of Intraoperative Frozen Section Diagnosis in the Management of Patients with CNS lesions: Evaluation of 60 Consecutive Intraoperative Frozen Sections from 1991-1993. Mirsattari, S. and Saunders, F.W., McGill Journal of Medicine 1:32-36, 1995.

19. Vascularity Demonstrated by Doppler Ultrasound and Immunohistochemistry in Invasivew Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast. Sterns, E.E., SenGupta, S., Saunders, F.W., Zee, B. in press

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7. Is Angiography necessary in the Assessment of Cerebral Vascular Occlusive Disease? An Angiodynographic Study: Presentation at William Keith Neurosurgical Symposium, Toronto Western Hospital, May 13, 1989.

8. Transcranial Ultrasound: Basic Physics and Clinical Applications; Presentation to Canadian Congress of Radiological Technicians, May 1989.

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2005 - present: Publication Ban for development of computerized concussion games and Concussion clinics.

Research Funding:
Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation: The role of central and peripheral visual perception in concussion: a dual task study: $24,000 (ended Feb 2006)

CTAQ: Helmet Protection: rotary acceleration vectors, Saunders, F.W., TenHove, M.,: $12,000 (ended June 2006)

Composite: Queen's, P.SI.... TCD assessment of acute MCA occlusions, Brunet, D., Jin, A., Saunders, F.: $20,000 (ended June 2005)

Botterell Fund: Helmet Fit and Rotational Injury Protection: $12,000 (2006-2007)

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation: (Phase I $38,000, Phase II $42,000) Computerized Concussion Assessment Tool Development (March 07-March 08)

Planned and Ongoing Research:
Concussion Computerized Testing Phase II: A new game format: Saunders, F., tenHove, M.

Distal embolization and clinical deterioration following thrombolysis in acute stroke August 2006, Jin, Albert, Islam, O., Saunders, F., Brunet, D.

Helmet testing for rotational concussion protection: A testing Paradyme. Kis, M., Saunders, F.

Concussion Computerized Testing: A rapid fire testing sequence. Saunders, F., tenHove, M., Wilson, D.