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Thoracic Surgery

The Thoracic Division continues to be busy with surgeries, teaching and research activities. Our locum completed their term in April 2022, which reduced the division to two surgeons, however, a new hire has been identified, with an anticipated start date of August 2022. We have also offered a fellowship to a general surgeon from Saudi Arabia.
Our DICE trial, which is examining video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery decertification versus interventional radiology-guided chest tube insertion for the management of empyema, continues, as does other research in pleural space infections and endoscopic therapy for esophageal cancer.
We continue to stay on top of surgeries, providing our patients with timely care and treatment.


Faculty Member - Area of Interest

Dr. W. Chung

Esophageal Cancer, Benign Disease of the Esophagus, Lung Cancer and Endobronchial Ultrasound

Dr. A. Giles 

Perioperative Outcomes, Access to Care, and Global Surgery

Dr. K. Reid (Division Chair)

Thoracic Surgery

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