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Surgical Clerkship

The Undergraduate Surgical program is comprised of a Core surgical block, and a Peri-Op block. 

The Core Surgical Clerkship rotation is 6 weeks long. This is a mandatory rotation for all students and successful completion is a requirement for graduation and MCC licensure. The Core rotations include a combination of two of either General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, or Urology. The purpose of this experience is:

• For students to put into practice the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during the pre-clinical years that relates to surgical principles and to the various surgical disciplines

• For students to work as part of a team of health-care professionals caring for surgical patients

• To further acquire and practice technical skills

For further information on the Core Surgical block, please visit the Elentra website

The Peri-Op portion of the surgical clerkship is between 5 and 6 weeks long with students doing three two week rotations, on a combination selected from the following rotations: Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, and one of the Surgical Subspecialty rotations comprised of ENT, Cardiovascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery.

The overall aim is to gain a better appreciation of acute illness presentations and the experience of the surgical patient from emergency assessment, pre-operative work-up, the operative experience (from the point of view of both the anesthesiologist and the surgeon) and post-operative care and follow-up.

For further information on Peri-Op block, please visit the Elentra website