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Surgical Residency

In July 2017, Queen's University was the first institution in Canada to transition all of its residency programs to a Competency-Based Medicine Education (CBME) assessment system. With the introduction of this new system, residents will now begin to move through their curriculum only after having demonstrated and been successful in the achievement of competency through the initiation of assessments. By embracing a Competency-Based Medical Education system, rather than the traditional method of training one year at a time, specific goals and objectives have been set out for our residents as they transition through each stage.

Queen's Univeristy has restructered all of their residency programs into four phases (Transition to Discipline, Foundations fo Discipline, Core of Discipline and Transition to Practice). During these phases, residents will need to focus on different areas and levels of their training. Throughout each stage, residents will be required to demonstrate that they have achieved competency in clinical tasks and duties that are expected of them. 


Meet the Post-Graduate Office Team

Dr. Sarah Jones

    Dr. Sarah Jones

    Director, Postgraduate Surgical Education

Kim Loyd and Sierra Slegtenhost

    Kim Lloyd

    Program Coordinator, Orthopaedic Surgery

    Sierra Slegtenhorst

    Program Coordinator, General Surgery

      For information regarding Surgical Residency,
      please contact: