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General Surgery

Faculty Member - Area of Interest

Dr. A. Caycedo-Marulanda                                       

Colorectal Surgery

Dr. J. Drover

Critical Care and Trauma

Dr. J. Engel 

Breast/Melanoma/Sarcoma/Gastrointestinal Cancer

Dr. D. Jalink 

Hepatobiliary Surgery

Dr. M. Kolar 

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. P. H. MacDonald (Division Chair)

Colon Cancer/Colorectal/Rectal

Dr. S. Merchant 

Breast/Colorectal Oncology

Dr. S. Nanji

Liver, Pancreas & Biliary Tract Cancers/Diseases

Dr.  S. Patel

Colorectal Cancers, Crohn's Disease, Hemorrhoids, Colitis, Fistulas

Dr. D. Robertson

Gall bladders, Hernias, Colonoscopies

Dr. J. Villamere

Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopy

Dr. G. R. Walker

Head & Neck Surgery

Dr. A. Winthrop

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. B. Zevin

Upper GI, Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopy

The Department of Surgery Trust in support of the Division of General Surgery

Established to enhance teaching and scholarly activity, purchase equipment, and clinical and pedagogical research, in the Division of General Surgery, in the Department of Surgery at Queen's University.

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