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General Surgery

Faculty Member - Area of Interest


Dr. A. Caycedo-Marulanda                                       

Colorectal Surgery

Dr. J. Drover

Critical Care and Trauma

Dr. J. Engel 

Breast/Melanoma/Sarcoma/Gastrointestinal Cancer

Dr. D. Jalink 

Hepatobiliary Surgery

Dr. M. Kolar 

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. P. H. MacDonald (Division Chair)

Colon Cancer/Colorectal/Rectal

Dr. S. Merchant 

Breast/Colorectal Oncology

Dr. S. Nanji

Liver, Pancreas & Biliary Tract Cancers/Diseases

Dr.  S. Patel

Colorectal Cancers, Crohn's Disease, Hemorrhoids, Colitis, Fistulas

Dr. D. Robertson

Gall bladders, Hernias, Colonoscopies

Dr. J. Villamere

Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopy

Dr. G. R. Walker

Head & Neck Surgery

Dr. A. Winthrop

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. B. Zevin

Upper GI, Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopy