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Queen's University Department of Surgery - Human Mobility Research Centre

The Department of Surgery, in particular, our Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, has enjoyed a very successful relationship with the Human Mobility Research Centre (previously the Clinical Mechanics Group) at Queen's University, a multidisciplinary research group comprising participants from orthopaedic surgery, mechanical engineering, rehabilitation therapy, community health and epidemiology, rheumatology, and computer science and information technology.

Wonderful news from Med-i and Perk Labs!

The following projects  are part of our ongoing breast cancer research work that was presented at the 19th annual Imaging Network Ontario symposium. In these presentations we discuss the ongoing work happening with AI development for the Intelligent Knife (iKnife) and the DESI machine, as well as our more recent investigation into robotic assistance.

Tissue Classification of Mass Spectrometry iKnife Data Using Graph Convolutional Networks

Presenter: Faranak Akbarifar,
PhD Student, School of Computing

Platform Independent Management of Histopathologic Annotations in Cancer Research

Presenter: Amoon Jamzad,
Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Computing

Domain Adaptation and Self Supervised Learning for Surgical Margin Detection

Presenter: Alice Santilli,
M.Sc. Candidate, School of Computing

A platform for robot assisted intraoperative imaging in BCS

Presenter: Laura Connolly,
M.A.Sc. Candidate, Electrical and Computer Engineering