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The Surgical Foundations program works in conjunction with individual surgical specialties to deliver fundamental skills and knowledge to surgical residents with the goal of providing a sound grounding in principles common to all surgical disciplines.  Classically this has occurred over the PGY 1 and PGY 2 years.  Recently Surgical Foundations has adopted and implemented a Competency-Based Medical Education model emphasizing ability and proficiency over a time-based teaching model. Surgical Foundations includes residents from General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Urology and Obstetrics and Gynecology residency programs.

All incoming residents attend the Surgical 'Boot Camp' including the Queen's Critical Events Simulation Course, which is a concentrated hands-on course of basic surgical and emergency skills.  Throughout the year there is a Surgical Foundations seminar series covering surgical skills and principles. There is a mandatory academic half day common to all Surgical Foundations residents.  Topics covered include biomedical ethics, acquisition of teaching skills, research methodology & critical appraisal and others directed towards the LMCC examination.  In March, the 2nd year Surgical Foundations residents are eligible to sit the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPS) Surgical Foundations examination.

Dr. Darrin Payne
Program Director
Surgical Foundations

General Surgery Orthopedic Surgery
PGY1 Curriculum   PGY1 Curriculum  
General Surgery (in Kingston) 6 blocks Orthopedics (Sports & Upper Extremity) 2 blocks
Cardiac & Vascular Surgery 2 blocks Orthopedics (Arthroplasty/Oncology) 2 blocks
Neurosurgery 1 block Orthopedics (Spine & pediatrics) 1 block
Anaesthesia/Radiology 1 block Orthopedics (Trauma) 1 block
Urology 1 block Community Orthopedics (in Belleville) 1 block
Emergency Medicine 1 block Cardiac & Vascular Surgery 1 block
General Surgery (in Oshawa) 1 block Neurosurgery 1 block
    Plastic Surgery 1 block
    Internal Medicine 1 block
    Emergency Medicine 1 block
    Rehabilitation & Radiology 1 block
PGY2 Curriculum   PGY2 Curriculum  
General Surgery (in Kingston) 3 blocks Orthopedics (Sports & Upper Extremity) 2 blocks
General Surgery (in Oshawa) 3 blocks Orthopedics (Arthoplasty/Oncology) 3 blocks
Cardiac & Vascular Surgery 2 blocks Orthopedics (Spine & padediatrics) 3 blocks
Intensive Care Unit 2 blocks Orthopedics (Trauma) 3 blocks
Plastic Surgery 2 blocks Intensive Care Unit 2 blocks
Electives 1 block    

Please contact Nicole de Smidt  or Kim Lloyd, the Program Assistants for any questions or further information

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