Department of Surgery
School of Medicine Queen's University

Time Off (Vacation/Call/Sick leave)

If you are an off-service resident who wishes to apply for vacation/conference leave/ no-call etc., please clinic on the link below to take you to our Resident time-off system.

Off-Service Time Off Request Submission

While we make every effort to accommodate time off requests, there are times where we may not be able to guarantee your request do to coverage shortages and patient care. 

Vacation and Educational Objectives:

As outlined in the Queen's University, Assessment, Promotion, and Appeals Policy section 8.0, "8.1   In order to meet pedagogical requirements, a resident should not miss more than 1/4 of a rotation or horizontal learning experience due to illness, leave, holidays etc.", The Department of Surgery does not encourage residents to take more than one week off at a time (unless extenuating circumstances), in order to ensure that educational and patient care needs are being met. 

Switching Call:

Once the call schedule has been sent out to all Faculty and Residents (2 weeks before the beginning of the block) the schedule is considered to be "live". If a resident wishes to switch a call shift regardless of the reason, it is the responsibility of the resident to find a suitable replacement. Once a switch has been agreed upon by all parties involved, an email is to be sent by the resident requesting the change to the Department of Surgery Program Assistant as well as any other residents involved.

This will ensure that the On-call system is accurate and that the Surgery Postgrad office is aware of the switch.

Calling in Sick:

If you need to call in sick, you must inform your surgical team, supervisor as well as the Department of Surgery Postgraduate Administrators immediately. If you are scheduled to be on  call the night that you are ill, it is expected that you arrange for another team member to cover your shift, and then the Surgery Postgraduate office in order for the On-Call system as well as Switchboard to be made aware (during the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm).


If a switch is made from 4:00pm to 8:00am, it is the responsibility of the resident to contact Switchboard and notify them of the call change.


Academic Days


The Department of Surgery is not responsible for ensuring that off-service residents are given time off to attend their Academic Days, as well as ensuring that they are not post call for the Academic Days. It is the responsibility of the resident to submit a “no-call request” through the time off link above, for the night before their academic day. It is also the responsibility of the resident to inform their supervising attending if they are not able to participate in clinical activities due to a scheduled academic day.