Department of Surgery
School of Medicine Queen's University


The Division of General Surgery is actively involved in both clinical and basic science research by both Faculty and Staff. Residents are expected to complete and present at least one research project during their residency. The projects are to be presented at the Annual Department of Surgery Resident Research Day. It is a full day of presentations with a visiting professor and a reception provided in the evening.

There are substantial monetary awards for best papers:
• Best General Surgery Paper ($1,000)
• Best Poster ($500)

In addition, the Division supports the research initiatives of its residents in several ways, one of which is the funding when presenting peer reviewed research projects. We also provide financial support to attend one educational meeting in the PGY 1 and 2 years, one meeting per year in years three and four, and two meetings in the fifth year.

Protected time of one half day per week is available to each resident, to organize individual projects and to carry out some of the data collection. This protected time is made available upon request by the resident, after discussion with the Program Director. With special requests, these half days can be saved and taken as 1 or 2 week blocks. Alternatively, all elective time may be consolidated and used as Research time.