Department of Surgery
School of Medicine Queen's University

Message from the Department Head

Dr. John Rudan, Department HeadThe Department of Surgery at Queen’s has but one mission and that is to educate. To educate is to study, teach, and instruct. Education is not limited to a forum but is pervasive. It permeates into the clinic, the operating room, and the lecture hall. It is not limited to our students or our residents or our patients as we thoughtfully inform them of their health issues and treatments, and develop management strategies and plans.
It reaches into our research endeavors as we collaborate with our colleagues and our students and ultimately the world as our published results help to shape the practice of surgery beyond the boundaries of Queen’s. We educate each other in the profession through consultation, and formally as we present our research at meetings and conferences.
Successful programs are those which foster the ethos and values of education. We open our minds to new ideas for innovations by learning and sharing those experiences with others. The challenge of the Department is to succeed in this mission despite what appears to be difficult economic times. Ultimately, we will be successful if we provide exceptional value to those stakeholders who rely upon us as academic surgeons. Those stakeholders are our students, residents, hospitals, granting agencies, and our patients.
Members of the Department take lead roles in their colleges or universities and health network, in our hospitals helping them to transform and integrate. Members of the Department of Surgery are leading in undergraduate and postgraduate education programs at all levels. In doing so, education by the members of the Department of Surgery bring
extraordinary value to our stakeholders.
As of July 1st, 2012 we welcomed Dr Ron Levy to our Department as a clinician scientist in neurosurgery. Dr Levy brings to Queens the winning combination of tremendous research potential and surgical expertise with his warm affable personality. His infectious enthusiasm and curiosity is the hallmark of a future star in surgery. We are at the present time recruiting new surgeons into Orthopedic Surgery, General Surgery, Cardiac Surgery and Neurosurgery.
We hope our website provides for you an opportunity to see some of the incredible activity that is ongoing in the Department. The opening of the Performance Lab at the Hotel Dieu Hospital as part of our new Human Mobility Research Center at KGH is an example of how we are leading the way with the creation of a world class collaborative research center. I would invite you to look online to see this facility and to learn more about research and collaborative and innovative activities undertaken at the Human Mobility Research Center.
I would personally like to thank all members of the Department in their efforts over the past year in preparing for the Royal College Accreditation review of our programs in surgical Foundations, General Surgery, and Orthopedic Surgery. Accreditation of our  programs was full and without reservation. Our Program Directors, Dr Harrison for Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr Jalink for General Surgery and Dr Bardana for Surgical Foundations, along with the members of the Department deserve special commendation for their endless hard work, organization, and preparation. I would also like to acknowledge, on behalf of the Department, the tremendous efforts of our administrative staff. We are truly fortunate to have these dedicated, caring, energetic and intelligent people working on our team.