Department of Surgery
School of Medicine Queen's University


Department Administration

 • Dr. John Rudan  Professor and Head
 • Dr. Andrew Hamilton  Assistant Professor and Deputy Head
 • Caroline Burke  Administrative Officer (Staffing & Finance)
 • Alison Infante  Department Assistant (General Inquiries)
 • Jeanine MacRow  Postgraduate Education Program Coordinator
 • Kim Telford  Postgraduate Education Program Assistant
 • Mara Kottis  Undergraduate Education Program Coordinator
 • Kari Hurst  Research and Administrative Coordinator

Program and Division Chairs

 • Dr. A. Hamilton  Chair, Cardiac Service, Deputy Head                                        
 • Dr. K. Reid  Chair, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
 • Dr. P. H. MacDonald  Chair, Division of General Surgery
 • Dr. D. Borschneck  Chair, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery 
 • Dr. M. Harrison  Program Director, Orthopaedic Surgery
 • Dr. M. C. Wallace  Chair, Division of Neurosurgery
 • Dr. F. Watkins  Chair, Division of Plastic Surgery
 • Dr. D. T. Zelt  Chair, Division of Vascular Surgery
 • Dr. D. Jalink  Program Director, General Surgery
 • Dr. D. Payne  Program Director, Surgical Foundations (Core) 
 • Dr. M. Kolar  Director, Undergraduate Education
 • Dr. J. Engel  Chair, Division of Surgical Oncology