Department of Surgery
School of Medicine Queen's University

Dr Ronald Pokrupa

Dr. Ronald Pokrupa, NeurosurgeonUniversity Position:
Associate Professor

Current Appointment:
Attending Staff, Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Areas of Clinical Interest:
Neurosurgery, Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia, CNS Neoplasia, Cervical Spine Surgery

Areas of Research Interest:

Imaging of spinal cord function

Contact Information:

Department of Surgery
Kingston General Hospital, Victory 3-361
Kingston, ON K7L 2V7
Tel: 613.549.6666 x. 6282
Fax: 613.548.1346

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• 1983-84    Stroke Fellow, Montreal Neurological Institute

• 1975-76    Rotating Intern, Ottawa Civic Hospital
• 1976-77    Rotating Surgical Resident, Ottawa Civic Hospital
• 1977-78    Orthopaedic Research Year, University of Ottawa
• 1978-79    Resident of Neurosurgery, Ottawa Civic Hospital
• 1979-80    Neurology Rotation, 6 months, Ottawa Civic Hospital
                    Pediatric Neurosurgery, 3 months
                    Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
                    Neurosurgery, 3 months, Ottawa General Hospital
• 1980-81    Neurosurgery Rotations, 6 months
                    Ottawa Civic Hospital
                    Ottawa General Hospital
• 1981-82    Chief Resident, Neurosurgery
                    Ottawa Civic Hospital
• 1982-83    Clinical Associate
                    Ottawa Civic Hospital (Cardiac Unit)

Medical School Graduation:
• 1975         MD, University of Western Ontario

• 1971    Two year Honour Program, Physics and Mathematics
• 1975    MD, University of Western Ontario
• 1975    Licentiate, Medical Council of Canada – LMCC
• 1976    Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners of the United States
• 1982    Fellowship of the Royal College of Canada - FRCS(C)
• 1984    Specialist Certificate in Neurosurgery – CSPQ
• 1986    Independent License, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
• 1998    Diplomate, American Board of Neurological Surgery
• 2001    License, Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons

Professional Memberships:
• 2007-present        Member, Society of Neuro-Oncology
• 2006-present        Member, Canadian Association of University Surgeons
• 2003-present        Canadian Brain Tumor Consortium
• 2003-present        Member, Neuro-oncology Disease Site Group
• 1997-present        Member, The American Association of Neurological Surgeons
• 1989-1995            Societe de la Neurochirurgie de la Langue Francaise
• 1986                     The American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
• 1984-present        Member, Canadian Neurosurgical Society
• 1984                     Member, Canadian Stroke Society

Committees (Provincial):
• 2008 – present     Neurosurgery Expert Panel Task Force for Improving Delivery of                                       Neurosurgical Care to Ontario Patients
• 2007                     Neurosurgery Expert Panel on Ontario Neurosurgeons
• 2005                     Peer Reviewer/Expert, (CPSO)
• 2002-present        Advisory Committee Member, Provincial Neuro-Oncology Committee

Committees (Queen's University):
• 2004                      Department of Medicine Search Committee, Neurology Chairman
• 2004-present        Department of Surgery Promotion Committee
• 2003-present        Chairman, Division of Neurosurgery
• 2003-present        Clinical Neurosciences Task Force
• 2001-present        Faculty Board
• 2004-present        John Austen Society       
• 2003-present        Admission Interviews, School of Medicine
• 2003-present        Member, Surgical Council, Department of Surgery

Committees (Kingston General Hospital):
• 2001-present        Neuroscience Joint Practice Care Team, Kingston General Hospital
• 2001-present        Member, KGH/HDH Medical Staff
• 2006-present        Surgical, Perioperative & Anaesthesiology (SPA) Program Council

Continuing Medical Education:
• 2006                     Medical Council of Canada Faculty Development Program “Multiple                                   Choice Question Writing Workshop”

Research Grants and Funding (last 7 years):
• 1983-86                Investigations into the Effects of Ischemic Stroke on Cerebral                                           Perfusion, Metabolism and Acid Base Status; modifications Induced                                 by Prostacyclin Infusions
• 1986-89                Investigations into the Impairment of Cerebral Auto-Regulation                                       Caused by Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus Measured by Positron                                             Emission Tomography    
• 1989-present        Investigations into Syringomyelia        

• 1989-present       Abnormalities of the Occipital Cervical Junction and New Surgical                                      Treatments     

• 1993                     Study of Memory Impairment Induced by Subarachnoid                                                     Hemorrhage from Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms 

• 1985-87                Co-Investigator Juvenile Diabetic Foundation Grant No.  185-254    

Queen’s University New Faculty Initiative Grant
• 2002-2006    Case control study of risk factors for clinical deterioration in patients with
Spinal cord injury with/without post-traumatic syringomyelia   

Co-investigators – Dr. Karen Smith,
      Dr. Mary Ann McColl

AMOUNT OF FUNDING:    $25,000  

• 2003-present    A Phase III Randomized, Double-Blind, Dexamethasone-Sparing Study Comparing Human Corticotropin-Releasing Factor (Hcrf) to Placebo for Control of Symptoms Associated with Peritumorial Brain Edema in Patients with Malignant Brain Tumor Who Require Chronic Administration of High-Dose Dexamethasone. 
NTI -    $2500 (US) Start-Up
           $ 3725 (US) per case

• 2005-present    “Development of functional magnetic resonance imaging for assessing human spinal cord injuries”

International Spinal Research Trust
Co-investigators – Dr. Patrick Stroman, Dr. Karen Smith
$292,320 over three years

• 2006-present    Certification of completion for “Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams” and am registered with the United States Department of Health and Human Services s a National Cancer Institute Clinical Investigator.

• 2008-2009    “From Research to Clinic, the translational step with functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human spinal cord (spinal fMRI), Spinal Cord Injury Solutions Network, $97,014.64

Publications (Peer-Reviewed):

1.    Sarkar K, Pokrupa R. Narbaitz, R. Uhthoff:
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41.    Pokrupa R, Smith, K, McCall M
Case control study of risk factors for clinical deterioration in patients with SCI with or without post-traumatic syringomyelia. Poster Presentation at the 14th Interurban Spinal Cord Injury Conference, Kingston, Ontario, September 2005.

Invited Presentations:
•  1986-present        Spinal Cord Trauma Department of Occupational & Physiotherapy,                                    McGill University

Conferences Attended:

American Association of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting
Los Angeles, April 22-26, 1979
Boston,April 5-9, 1981
Washington DC, April 24-28  1983
66th Annual Meeting
Philadelphia,  April 25-30th 1998
69th Annual Meeting
Toronto, April  2001
Chicago, April 2002
San Diego, April 2003
Orlando, May 2004
New Orleans, April 2005
San Francisco, April 2006
Washington, DC, April 2007
San Diego, CA. April; 2008

Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation 42nd Congress
Edmonton, Alberta, June 2007
Victoria, BC, June 2008

Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting
Houston, October 5-10 1980
Toronto, October 3-8, 1982
Baltimore Oct 25-29, 1987
46th Annual Meeting
Montreal, Quebec Sept 28th -Oct 3rd 1996

Canadian Brain Tumor Consortium Investigators Meeting
Chateau Lake Louise – February 2003

Canadian Congress of the Neurological Sciences Annual Meeting
Ottawa, June 18-21, 1980
Calgary, June 24-27, 1981
Toronto, June 23-26, 1982
London, June 24-28 1986

Canadian Association of Neuropathology
Montreal, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 1982
Banff, Alta, Sept. 29-Oct 1, 1983

American Association of Neuropathology
St. Louis, 1983
San Diego, 1984

Canadian Meeting of Neuro-Oncology
Montreal, June 5-6, 1986

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada)
Winnipeg, Sept. 11-15, 1987

XIII International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
Montreal, June 20-25, 1987

The American Society for Stereotactic And Functional Neurosurgery
Montreal, June 3-6, 1987

Radiosurgery, A Neurosurgical Approach to Intracranial Lesions
Charlottesville, May 1-4, 1989

Congres de la Societe de Neurochirurgie de la Langue Francaise
Amiens, France, June 9-13, 1992

First International Skull Base Congress
Hannover, Germany, June 14-20 1992

Joint Section on Disorders of the Spinal and Peripheral Nerves
Annual Meeting of the Joint Section on Disorders of the Spine and Peripheral Nerves (American Association of Neurological Surgery & Congress of Neurological Surgery)
Seventh; Rancho Mirage, California, February 13-17, 1991
Ninth;   Tucson, Arizona. February 1993

ASIA meeting
Vancouver, May 2002

Other Scholarly Activities:
• 1993                      Ad hoc Review, Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
• 2002-present        Reviewer, Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences

Academic and Teaching Contributions:
Research Trainees Supervised

• 1993    Mr. David Yu
    Faculty of Medicine
    Summer Research Student

• 1988    Mr. Stephen Ferguson
    Faculty of Science
    Summer Research Student

Medical Students and Residents

• 1985-present        Link Period Medical Students, Residents and Fellows