Department of Surgery
School of Medicine Queen's University

Dr Ron Levy

Dr Ron Levy, Neurosurgeon, Queen's University, Kingston General HospitalUniversity Position:
Assistant Professor

Current Appointments:
Attending staff, Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Areas of Clinical Interest:
General Neurosurgery

Areas of Research Interest:
Parkinson's Disease

Contact Information:
Department of Surgery
Victory 3 Room 304
Kingston General Hospital
Kingston, ON K7L 2V7
Tel: 613.549.6666 x. 7444
Fax: 613.548.1346

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• 2011-12

   Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery clinical fellow
   Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, ON

• 2005-11

   Neurosurgery Residency
   University of Calgary

Post-doctoral Studies:
• 2002-08

   Non-human primate neurophysiology: Population recordings in the superior colliculus
   Supervisor: Douglas P. Munoz

Medical School Graduation:
• 2001-05    Queen's University School of Medicine, Kingston ON

• 1996-2001

  Doctoral thesis: The patterning of neuronal activity in the subthalamic nucleus and globus 
  pallidus internus in patients with Parkinson's disease. Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan O. Dostrovsky
  Department of Physiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Published Manuscripts:

R.A. Marino, R. Levy, S. Boehnke, B.J. White, L. Itti, D.P. Munoz. Linking visual response properties in the superior colliculus to saccade behavior. European Journal of Neuroscience 2012 (35:11) 1738-1752.

R. Levy, W.J. Hader. Neurogenic stunned myocardium with ventriculoperitoneal shunt malfunction. Canadian
      Journal of Neurological Sciences
2011 (38:3) 518-21.

R.G. Cox, R. Levy, M.G. Hamilton, A. Ewen, R.P. Farran, S.G. Neil. Anesthesia can be safely provided for children in
      a high-field intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging environment. Pediatric Anesthesia 2011 (21:4) 454-8.

R. Levy, A.M. Lozano, A.E. Lang, J.O. Dostrovsky. Event-related desynchronization of motor cortical oscillations in
      patients with multiple system atrophy. Experimental Brain Research 2010 (206) 1-13.

R. Levy, R.G. Cox, W.J. Hader, T. Myles, G.R. Sutherland, M.G. Hamilton. Application of high-field intraoperative
      magnetic resonance imaging in pediatric neurosurgery. Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics 2009 (4) 467-474.

R.A. Marino, K.P. Rodgers, R. Levy, D.P. Munoz, The spatial relationships of visuomotor transformations in the
      superior colliculus map. Journal of Neurophysiology 2008 (100:5) 2564-2576.

R. Levy, J. Pitout, P. Long, M.J. Gill. Late presentation of Cryptococcus gattii meningitis in traveler to Vancouver
      Island: a case report. Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases 2007 (18:3) 197-199.

R. Levy, A.M. Lozano, W.D. Hutchison, J.O. Dostrovsky. Dual microelectrode technique for deep brain stereostatic
      surgery in humans. Neurosurgery 2007 (60: 4 Suppl 2) 277-284.