Department of Surgery
School of Medicine Queen's University

Dr Douglas James Cook

Dr Douglas James Cook, Neurosurgeon, Queen's University, Kingston General HospitalUniversity Position:
Assistant Professor

Current Appointments:
Attending Staff, Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Areas of Clinical Interest:
Cerebrovascular and Skull Base surgery

Areas of Research Interest:
Translational Stroke research
Pre-clinical Validation of Stroke Therapy
Neuroplasticity and Stroke Recovery

Contact Information:

Department of Surgery
Division of Neurosurgery
Kingston General Hospital, Victory 3
Kingston, ON   K7L 2V7
Tel: 613-549-6666 x3696
Fax: 613-548-1346

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• 2012 Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery, Radiosurgery Research Projects:
multimodality neuromonitoring in moyamoya disease and SAH
Supervisor: Dr. G. Steinberg

• 2004-2012 University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Medical School Graduation:
• 2000-2004 University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

• July 2012, FRCSC, Certification in Neurosurgery

Professional Memberships:
• Member American Association of Neurological Surgeons
• Member Congress of Neurological Surgeons
• Member Canadian Medical Association
• Member Ontario Medical Association
• Member American College of Surgeons
• Member American Heart Association
• Postdoctoral Member Society for Neuroscience
• ATLS Instructor and Provider


Papers in Press

Cook, DJ, N. Steinberg, G. Perspectives: Clip Reconstruction of Midbasilar Aneurysms. World Neurosurgery. Accepted September 2012.

Book Chapters in Press

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Book Chapters

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Abstracts/Platform Presentations/Posters in Press

Cook, DJ. Mukerji, N. Steinberg, G. Paradoxical Oligemia Associated with Transient Neurologic Events Following STA-MCA Bypass for Moyamoya Disease. AANS Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA. April 2013.

Mukerji, N. Cook, DJ. Steinberg, G. Hypo or Hyperperfusion - understanding postoperative cerebral blood flow in Moyamoya patients. AANS Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA. April 2013.