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SCAS Best Poster Award

  • Published Thu Jul 4th 2013

    Congratulations to M. Kunz (Queen’s School of Computing), J. Stewart (Queen’s School of Computing), J.F. Rudan (Queen’s Dept of Surgery) and V. Kratky (Queen’s Dept of Ophthalmology) on winning the ISCAS (International Society for Computer Aided Surgery) Best Poster Award for their poster entitled “Faster intraoperative localization of posterior orbital tumours using a patient-specific instrument guide” at the 17th Annual Conference of the International Society of Computer Aided Surgery held on June 26-29, 2013 at the Heidelberg Convention Center, Germany.

    The International Society for Computer Aided Surgery is a non-profit association whose mission is to encourage all scientific and clinical advancement of computer-aided surgery and related medical interventions throughout the world.

    In total, Queen’s presented 4 out of the 146 posters and 7 out of the 256 papers that were presented at this year’s conference:

    The influence of osteophytes in hip resurfacing procedures using patient-specific instrument guides
    J. Rudan, S. Balaketheeswaran, R. Ellis, M. Kunz

    A novel embalming technique preserves cadaveric wrist biomechanics
    C.B. Casier, A.W. Dickinson, J. Clarke, B.J. Rasquinha, R. Easteal, R.W. Sellens, R.E. Ellis, D.R. Pichora

    Accuracy of electromagnetic tracking in an operating-room setting
    E. Lugez, D. Pichora, S. Akl, R. Ellis

    Open-source surface mesh-based ultrasound simulator
    L. Bartha, A. Lasso, C. Pinter, T. Ungi, G. Fichtinger

    Improving N-wire phantom-based freehand ultrasound calibration
    G. Carbajal, A. Lasso, A. Gomez, G. Fightinger

    C-arm angle measurement with accelerometer for brachytherapy – an accurate study
    T. Wolff, A. Lasso, M. Eblenkamp, E. Wintermantel, G. Fichtinger

    Accuracy analysis in MRI-guided robotic prostate biopsy
    H. Xu, A. Lasso, P. Guion, A. Krieger, A. Kaushal, A.K. Singh, P.A. Pinto, J. Coleman, R.L. Grubb III, J.B. Lattouf, C. Menard, L.L. Whitcomb, G. Fichtinger

    Faster intraoperative localization of posterior orbital tumours using a patient-specific instrument guide
    M. Kunz, J. Stewart, J.F. Rudan, V. Kratky

    Intra-articular soft tissues affect hip kinematics
    S. Zakani, J, Rudan, R. Ellis

    Aspherical morphology of the osteoarthritic hip: two arthritic pathologies
    B. Rasquinha, J. Rudan, G. Wood, R. Ellis

    Experimental evaluation of needle deflection estimation for brachytherapy
    H. Sadjadi, K. Hashtrudi-Zaad, H. Xu, G. Fichtinger