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CBC’s Ontario Morning radio interview with Dr Jay Engel, Breast Surgeon and Chair of Surgical Oncology

  • Published Tue Dec 22nd 2015

    On December 10th, 2015 Dr Jay Engel was interviewed on CBC's Ontario Morning radio broadcast. 

    "We are developing a new technique at Queen’s University using Electromagnetic Navigation (EM) to guide us during Breast conservation surgery. This technique allows us to generate a virtual margin around the cancer using ultrasound and EM Navigation shows us exactly where our cutting tool is in relation to that margin. We can then avoid breaching that virtual margin and  potentially reduce the incidence of positive margins on our surgical excisions. This would reduce the need to take patients back to the OR to reexcise the positive margin, freeing up OR time and avoiding delays in subsequent adjuvant treatment."

    Click the link below to hear the broadcast. Fast forward to 32:20 to where the interview begins with Dr Engel

    Please also see the Queen's Gazette's article published Dec 21, 2015 entitled "Charting New Path for Breast Cancer Surgery" featuring Dr Engel and the electromagnetic navigated surgery process